Vol: 36 November - December 2015
Upcoming : New Book Showcases Thailand’s Sustainable Development Efforts
Coinciding with the launch of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the recent Paris Climate Change Conference, comes Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook.

When it comes to the recently published, and widely-praised Thailand’s Sustainable Development Sourcebook , the title pretty much tells it all. This timely and topical book, from Editions Didier Millet book publishers, is a showcase of Thailand’s involvement in what many believe to be the most important movement of recent times: the quest for sustainable development. Covering key challenges, ongoing efforts, and potential solutions, this 416-page hardcover manual will no doubt be a source of information, inspiration, and ideas, for years to come. And with the ever-increasing number of visitors to Thailand - both business and pleasure related - keeping things sustainable on every front will be part of the key to the country’s continued success as a leader in global tourism.

By combining an amazing array of facts, figures, and case studies, illustrated using colourful charts and thoughtful infographics, the book is a thoroughly entertaining read; as accessible to students as it is to CEOs. The various chapters give an overview of Thailand’s efforts -past, present, and future - in the areas of sustainable development, and cover such diverse topics as climate change, water and energy security, forest conservation, pollution, governance, and financial stability. More than 70 experts, including journalists, and representatives from TDRI and various government ministries, contributed their knowledge, insights, and observations.

Through nearly 100 case studies, the book demonstrates how readers can apply sustainability whether in the home or at the workplace. It also helps show both local and international audiences how Thailand’s leaders and its people, led by the example of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP), are taking sustainable development seriously.

The sourcebook’s November 2015 release was originally set to coincide with the launch of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, but the recent COP 21: UN Climate Change Conference in Paris has also contributed to making the publication of this book more timely than ever. In addition, since Thailand will be assuming the chairman role of the G77 next year, setting by example when it comes to sustainable development goals has become increasingly important.

The book is available in Thailand at Asia Books and Kinokuniya (THB 1,750), or on Amazon online.